10 Social Media Stories to Inspire Your Marketing Tactics

10 Social Media Stories to Inspire Your Marketing Tactics

Social media is an integral part of marketing today. As social media users, we are constantly bombarded with updates from friends, brands and companies that we follow on various platforms. Because of this, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to your marketing tactics for your brand. In this blog post, you’ll find 10 Social Media Stories that will inspire you.

In 2017, there were more than 355 million active users on Instagram. Brands should create a presence on the platform to keep up with other brands and grow their following! In addition, content has been proven to be an effective way of engaging customers. This means that you need to use social media as a tool for your marketing efforts by creating relevant and useful content for consumers.

In 2016 , Snapchat had 166 million daily users . Not only is this one of the most popular apps amongst young millennials but it’s also used as another form of visual storytelling which can help build brand awareness for companies big or small. In fact, according to Hub Spot , “Visual content gets 94% more views than text-based posts.” The possibilities are endless when it comes to opportunities on the platform.

In July of 2017, Instagram announced that they had hit one billion active users . This is a huge milestone for the social media site and shows just how much it’s grown over time. Nowadays, people rely on this platform to stay up-to-date with their friends and family while also keeping an eye out for brands or companies that catch their attention. In addition, there are many tools available today such as Iconosquare , which allows you to analyze your profile in great detail including data about who views your posts and when.

Although organic reach has been declining steadily since 2012 (and most likely will continue to do so), Facebook still remains one of the best ways for businesses to connect with customers . In fact, one of the best ways to use Facebook is by creating a page for your brand and encouraging consumers to follow it. This way you’ll be able to post updates on your company’s latest news or campaigns. In addition, there are many tools out there which can help with marketing efforts including Hoot suite , where users can schedule their posts ahead of time.

One of the most popular social media sites today is YouTube . Not only does this platform offer its own benefits but Google also owns it as well! One reason why so many marketers choose this site as part of their strategy is because brands have been using video content since 2013 in order to engage more customers online. Furthermore, according to HubSpot , “YouTube videos generate 1200% more shares than text and image-based content combined.” Not only is video important for brands but this form of storytelling can also be used to target certain demographics.

In 2014, LinkedIn had 364 million members that actively use the platform . Unlike other social media sites, most users on here are business professionals who want to network with one another or stay up-to-date with industry news. Although some may think it’s cliche, using LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy is still very relevant today especially if you’re looking to grow your personal brand or company’s reputation online. Many people choose this site over Facebook because they feel like it has more credibility.

With so many consumers relying on their mobile devices these days (and not just smartphones), companies cannot afford to not have a mobile-friendly website . In fact, according to Google , “60% of people say they won’t recommend a business with a bad mobile experience.” This means that if your site isn’t optimized for smaller screens, you’re likely losing out on potential customers. Not only is it important to have a responsive design but also make sure all of your content is easy to read and navigate.

As we mentioned before, social media platforms are constantly changing which can be daunting for some brands . However, this shouldn’t stop you from utilizing them in order to reach more customers. It’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest features offered by sites like Facebook and Instagram and see how you can use them in your marketing strategy. If you’re not sure where to start, there are many resources available today including HubSpot , which is full of educational content and blog posts on how to use these sites for marketing.

Social media has a variety of opportunities that can be used by marketers in order to promote their brand or business . Not only will it help increase your audience size but also helps build customer loyalty as well. Whether it’s through video storytelling or using LinkedIn as part of your efforts, remember that these platforms should always be evolving with the times! In addition, make sure all website copy is easy-to-read and follows best practices so consumers never have a bad experience when interacting with your brand online.

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