About WonConnect

We are on a mission, for every penny you spend on our site we reinvest it to fund our events for elderly and ICT classes. We sell smart technology devices and gadgets that represents the experience of the vulnerable elderly expose to online scams and fraud and donate money or buying from us allowing these elderly and vulnerable individuals to be upskilled and feel part of the community. At Won Connect, Our dedicated team is passionate to tackle social isolation and empower the elderly community with information, companionship and everyday needs through technology and digital media. One of our main aims at Won Connect is to help older and socially isolated people, become independent and confident computer users. We believe basic computing skills will assist in their daily lives and help them integrate into the community. We also hope this will boost their self-esteem, increase employability, and help them adjust to the fast-paced changes in technology. Importantly, we want to raise awareness and understanding of how to protect devices, finances, and data from fraud and abuse online.

Our Stores

Enjoy browsing our online shop full of smart home technology products to aid the lives of older and socially isolated people. All profits from our shop go to running our free IT classes and befriending events in the community. Check our other website to buy the best smart gadgets and devices online. Check this website to buy the best toys and games online. Check this website to to stay healthy and fit.


We also have a dedicated service available 24/7 to support customers needs and complaints. Our aim is to satisfy our customer needs, however, in view of any discrepancy the customer can reach out to us and we will try our level best to resolve the issue as per our policies.


We strive to provide first class quality across the range of products. All our products pass through strict checks to meet regulations and have very strict guidelines for all our vendors.

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Computer Training

Stay safe and feel confident when you're browsing the web. Build skills through expert lead courses.

Digital Solutions

Our team provides IT, social media and website solutions to help your business grow.